“I can’t believe that fucker went inside me raw.”

Kiki quickly shredded herself of her clothes leaving them in a pile on the bathroom floor.  Something gooey ran down her thighs. It was semen. Letting out a noise of disgust, she hopped into the shower, turned the dial, and let the hot water spray over her skin. God that felt good. Nothing like a hot shower and dove soap to wash away the impurities of the day’s filth. She scrubbed until she was satisfied that all traces of that animal had been erased from her body.

“That son of a bitch has no respect for his wife.” Rejuvenated from her shower, she rummaged in her top right drawer for her morning-after pills. “Suppose I had an STD or AIDS? I swear a man’s brain is located in his fucking dick.”

After taking the pill she laid down in the middle of her bed enjoying the feel of the cool sheets against her skin. Her contentment lasted only a minute as she remembered, the words the fucker had said. It kept ringing in her damn ear.

“You think you can use your body like most women do to get whatever you want…”

Why are men so fucking weak? When she’d heard those words, she finally thought she’d come across a man that was strong enough to resist the evil split between a woman’s legs. For one stupid moment, she’d deluded herself into thinking she’d found a man with standards.  One that was faithful.  The men you find only in fairytales.  There had been this small seed of hope. That she could love again but it was just wishful thinking on her part.  He’d proven to be just like every other man.  Hiding behind empty words. Whatever.  The job was complete and it was time for her to cash in.

She took out her cellphone from her purse and went into her gallery. There was the video she’d recorded of their sexual encounter. Michelle had done a good job of hiding her camera in a good position in his office.  If she ever wanted a partner, she’d hire that bitch on sight.  But it was better to work alone. Now which part of the video she should send?

“This would do just fine,” she said as she cropped the part where he was about to stick his raw dick inside her. “Then again… I wonder if sending her the part where he was eating me out would be a better take.”

Just as she was about to click send, a brilliant idea popped up in her head.

“What the fuck am I doing? Am I really about to destroy this man’s marriage for a measly 3000 dollars?” Kiki got off the bed and walked towards the standing mirror she had propped against the wall near the bathroom door. She had put on a black thin strap top with denim shorts.   She imagined herself in designer clothes and expensive jewelry.  She wouldn’t get neither if she played it safe.

She’d actually gotten a job.  She didn’t know shit about computer analyzing or whatever the fuck the job requires but she got this fucker exactly where she wanted him. With this, she could keep the job as well as milk every penny out of that unfaithful bastard.

She kissed the mirror. “Brilliant Idea Kiki.”  She did a little twirl admiring her body. “You now control the fucking manager of the bank.”

If she made the right moves, she could see herself buying a house and no longer having to put up with this tiny studio apartment in Belmont. Her bedroom and living room were one and the same. The only thing that separated it was small table and couch which was her sitting area.  Kitchen was small too. The only thing with a decent size was the bathroom.  She had to get out of here.

She dialed Michelle’s number.


“What took you so long?” Michelle was breathing so hard, Kiki thought she was gonna pop.  She must have been on pins and needles waiting for her to call. “How did it go? Did you get him to cheat on me? What did he do? How far did you get?”

“Calm down Mrs. Browne. Things like this takes time. I told you in the beginning that it might take a week or more. For now, you can rest your heart knowing that your husband loves you. He was very professional. I tried to make a move on him but he brushed me off instantly. However, by the way, he was looking on me, I think he might be interested.”

“Fuck! I thought that he would have fallen for your looks on the first day. I guess I was wrong.”

Kiki couldn’t believe she was actually disappointed that she hadn’t fucked her husband. Well she did but she didn’t need to know that.

“I need you to get evidence of him cheating by the end of the week. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Remember you have to be very discreet about this. If he finds out I’m behind it. I will lose everything.”

“I know.  You have nothing to worry about. By the way, just out of curiosity, can I ask why you are in such a rush to get this evidence?”

“How about you mind your fucking business and do what I’m paying you to do. I will wire half of the money to you tomorrow.”  Michelle hung up the phone before she could get a word in.

“That Bitch” said Kiki.  “I need a drink to purge myself of the sins of this fucking man and his ungrateful wife.”

She grabbed herself a bottle of vodka from her kitchen cupboard and drank straight from the bottle. She needed to take the edge off. Get the fucking memory of what went down today out of her mind. She didn’t like taking home a job with her.

Her phone rang. Must be Michelle calling back to apologize for her rudeness.  Kiki Chupz when she saw the display. Travis. She let it go to voicemail.  Her phone was silent for a few seconds until it blew up again. It kept ringing and ringing. It was the end of the month and her rent was overdue.

He needs to learn to cut people some slack.  She turned off her phone, placed her vodka on her bedside table, and went to bed intending to take a nap.  Suddenly, she heard a set of keys jangling, and with a bang, her door flew open. Travis entered like a brazen fowl.

“What the fuck?” She stood up crossing her arms.  This man has so sense of boundaries.

“I tried calling you but you didn’t answer so I decided to let myself in.” He sat on her bed, his eyes examining her body.  “You have been avoiding my calls, ignoring my messages and your rent is three months overdue.”

“I already told you that I was out of work, but I have a job now so I will be clearing off my debts.”

“So, you’re trying to tell me that I’m supposed to wait until you are ready to pay me? Which part about three months overdue do you not understand? I need my money and I need it right fucking now.” He said all this invading her space.

“I believe that you are taking advantage of the fact that you used to be one of my father’s little whore.”

“What the fuck did you just…” Travis slapped her cutting her off mid-sentence and pushed her against the wall.

“My father doesn’t run this place anymore. I do. So, you’re either going to pay me or we gonna have to come to some other form of agreement.”

“I don’t have the money right now to pay you.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“If you give me a few days, I will be able…”

“Shhh,” he said placing his finger over her mouth. “There’s no if sweetie.   Only how.  There are other ways you can pay me back.”

He licked his finger, ran it between her legs, and then placed it back in her mouth. Normally this shit would turn her on but she wanted to gag.

She had to find a way out of this so she wouldn’t piss him off.

“Just give me…” It was difficult to talk because he kept spinning his fingers around in her mouth.  Kiki felt an insane urge to bite off his fingers, watch him scream bloody murder as he clutched his hand.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t about to go to prison for this fool.  She had to be rational.

“Travis I’m begging you, please.”

“Ok fine. I’ll give you an extension under one condition.”

“What’s the condition?” Kiki asked knowing damn well the price she’d have to pay.

“Get down on your knees,” answered Travis as he unbuckled his pants.

She shouldn’t be surprised. Travis was no different than his father than he’d led her to believe.  All his talk about wanting to treat her like a woman should was all bull.  Which Kiki knew.  All men are the fucking same. As soon as they get the opportunity to stick their dick in a hole, they throw aside all morals for a few minutes of pleasure.

Well, the tables were about to turn. He thought that he had her exactly where he wanted but he was about to find out why Keisha never paid a single cent when his father operated the complex.  He thought the ball was in his court?  She owned the fucking game and her weapon of choice was the body God blessed her with.

“Wait… Let’s make a deal,” she said making her voice sexy. “I’ll give you more than a blowjob. I’ll let you fuck me but you have to clear my debt and I don’t have to pay for the rest of the year.”

Travis laughed.

“What the fuck you think your body mek out of, fucking gold? Why the fuck would I do that? Bitch here are your options and they aren’t negotiable. One, you suck my dick dry and I’ll give you two months to clear your debt. Two, you let me fuck you and I’ll clear your debt and give you one month free or three allow me to fuck you twice a month and you get to stay here free of charge. Choose wisely. There is no way you’re living here free after one fuck.”

She had to keep herself from rolling her eyes at his big talk.

“Fine, I pick option 3,” said Kiki, and Travis smiled like the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“I knew you would. Women like you are so fucking easy to manipulate. I’m going to enjoy fucking the life out of your fine ass. My dick and your pussy are going to become the best of friends.”

Travis felt like he had won the lottery. Finally secured a monthly supply of pussy without spending a single cent. Kiki allowed him to wallow in that victory for a bit.

“Do you have a condom? There is no way you’re going inside me raw.”

Travis searched his pockets.  “Fuck! I don’t have any on me right now.  Think I finish the pack I had from the day before.”

Kiki bit back a laugh.  Look at this fool. Trying to play it cool like he was getting the world of sex.  Although he had money to play with, Travis had difficulties getting good looking women. He was good looking but you’d have to stare real hard to find the good.  He would always settle for the type that would do anything for a little cash. Although he’s married, he could only get between his wife’s legs whenever she felt in the mood. She was a fine ass bitch who had her pussy on layaway like she was the owner of Courts.

“I’m not doing it without a condom. Go and get one while I go take a fresh.” She placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I think I got one in the office,” said Travis as he pulled his pants up.  He gave her body one last glance before he walked out the door.

Kiki checked to make sure he was out of sight. Once the coast was clear, she went into her bottom drawer and took out a black velvet box where she kept her surveillance equipment.  Money well spent.

“Think you can manipulate me you stupid fuck. I’m going to teach your ass a lesson.”  Kiki set up her mini cameras strategically around the room. She wanted to catch everything from different angles. One on her mirror.  The other on her bedside table on the rim of the lamp.  She set her phone to record. She wasn’t taking any chances. She stripped and didn’t bother putting on any lingerie. But she did put on some high heels.

Travis returned with a pack of slam flashing it in the air like a teenage boy who was about to have sex for the second time in his life.

“Are you ready for a real man to rock your world,” he asked.

“Just put on the condom and hurry the fuck up.”

“Aren’t you suppose to get wet first,” Travis had this confusing look on his face.  Looks like he wasn’t accustomed to pussy he always bragged about getting.  No wonder he tried to secure a monthly demand. Where was the confidence he had when he had her braced up against the wall with his dutty fingers in her mouth?  How long had his wife been holding out on him?  Or was he even getting any at all?

Kiki smirked at him which he took as a come-on. She was going to make him her bitch.

Kiki motioned for Travis to sit on her bed.  He obeyed his eyes feasting on her.

“Take off your shit.”

“I don’t need…” His words were drowned out by the sound of her slap.  Travis looked at her stunned.

“Who the hell you think! -”

She gave him a backhand cutting his speech short. Kiki went on to pressed her right heel against his crotch.

“Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told.”  She moaned a little which got his attention. He remained quiet.

She stroked him with the tip of her shoe. “You like that?”

“Yes, baby…”

Kiki slapped him.

“I’m not your fucking baby.”  She removed her foot and pushed back his head onto the bed climbed on top of his face.

“Stick out your tongue and lick this pussy you dirty piece of shit,” Kiki instructed as she reached back with her left hand and took his dick out of his pants.

As much as she hated Travis, she couldn’t resist the swirling of his tongue along her clit. She instantly started dripping. Kiki enjoyed getting her pussy sucked. It was her favorite part about having sex. Travis treated her pussy like a starving child cleaning out the leftovers on the plate with his tongue. He didn’t want to leave a single crumb. His tongue was like a roller-coaster. Twice as good as Errol she thought.

“Is that all you got Travis?” Kiki groaned to give him some encouragement. She began to grind on Travis’s face while stroking his dick.

For a guy who wasn’t getting much sex, he was eating her pussy like a pro. She guessed starvation would do that to you.  Her body tightened. She was about to come.  Wait. No… something doesn’t feel right. An ache started to churn in her stomach.  Fuck.  Had it been the vodka? Or when she’d guzzled down a milkshake on her way home?

Oh shit.  Her ass felt like it was about to explode.

“Stop!” She tried to climb off Travis’s face but he held on to her and added to his tongue combo.

“Travis!”  It was too late. She let loose one big fart right in the face.

“What the fuck!” He pushed her off him coughing. “Did you just fart in my face?”

Although she didn’t give a shit about Travis she was embarrassed as fuck. Kiki sat on the bed refusing to make eye contact.  She’d have to delete this part of the video before she became a viral sensation.

“You think that little trick is going to work on me?” He said while completely removing his clothes.

“You think farting in my face is going to stop me from fucking you? Nice try bitch but it’s not going to work.”  He took out the condom from earlier and slipped it on his dick.

Travis had to be one nasty motherfucker to still have a rock-hard dick after receiving a fart dead center in his face.  He was enraged which shocked her a little.  He grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He then forced his dick inside her. Kiki turned her head to the side not wanting to look in his face as he shoved his dick in and out of her pussy.  It was the second time in less than 24 hours that a man was using her like a piece of paper towel. It was all too familiar.

“You like this dick inside you bitch,” he asked as if he expected her to answer him.

“Answer me…” he continued as he reached down with both hands to grab her throat. Using her neck as a gripping bar, he started to apply more pressure jackhammering the juice out of her pussy.  Kiki tried to ease away from him but he had a firm grip on her.  No. No. When had she lost control?

“Travis, you’re hurting me.”  She gasped for air. Things were getting blurry and mixed up. Images she didn’t want to see.

“Are you trying to fucking kill me? I said I can’t breathe.”  She once again tried to remove his hands but he had a firm grip. The bastard was so intent on fucking her he didn’t realize that he was choking her to death.

Kiki drove her fingernails into his skin.  He suddenly removed his right hand and flipped her around. He then shoved his dick back inside her and with his right hand, he pushed her head against the bed.

Kiki grinded her teeth, no longer enjoying herself.  She was gonna let Travis have his fun for now but he was gonna pay later.

“Arch your fucking back and stop being a lazy bitch,” he shouted.  He didn’t wait for her to comply. Instead, he pressed down on her back hard until she laid flat on the bed. She laid there pinned to the bed, motionless, getting her pussy drilled out by a man who she now hated with every fiber in her being.  A man she had to blackmail just so she could have a roof over her head for free. Pathetic.

This was all she would ever amount to. A slut.  But what else could pretty little girls like her do?

She had no qualifications to brag about, no friends, and a mother… A mother who’d exiled her after Kiki had told her that her husband raped her.

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Sasha Loyd

Are these stories from real persons or is this a fictional library? The story has me and I couldn’t stop reading.