Dear MUB,

At this point, we are suffering. MUB, up Radio Range, is being tormented by criminals who keep on breaking into vehicles and people’s homes. Down by Brownes Avenue is worst!

Not to put the blame on foreigners, but MUB, last week a Jamaican man walked up on my gallery. When my camera picked him up, I looked outside and asked if I could help him and the man legit said nothing and walked away.

Just a few days ago, I was hanging out my laundry, and me and another one locked eyes. Once again, I asked if I could help him and he sucked his teeth and walked away.

Last month I had my vehicle parked outside because a guy came to cut my grass and one of them was leaned up on my vehicle. I asked him to come off and the man told me that he isn’t denting it so a wha. My poor neighbor got a few of her sheets taken off of the line and from the footage it was the same one who locked eyes on me while I was hanging out my laundry.

At this point, everyone is suffering, and the little you do have is being taken from you which makes absolutely no sense. I’m tired and I’m annoyed!

As a single mother, I feel scared when I have to go to work and my child has to be left home alone with these thieves about the place. The police need to do something or else we the people will take action in our own hands because, at this point, I don’t mind getting an illegal gun or something in order to protect my child.

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July 6, 2022 5:15 am

Girl I can feel you