Dear MUB,

I just saw the post about the woman who was complaining because she got two plastic roses as a Valentine’s gift. It bothers me to see how ungrateful some women can be. I can’t even remember when was the last time I ever got at least a plastic bag or toilet paper for Valentine’s.

I was married to this man for over 14 years and I believe only the 1st 2 years of our marriage did I get a present from him, after that, not even for Mother’s days this man could even buy me little chocolate or something, much less on my birthday.

I was the one who always remembered him, thank God his worthless self is out of my life. And look I have 3 underage children with him and not even on their birthday this man would call them to wish them at least happy birthday, every 2 weeks he would send 300, which means 150 per week to feed 3 children even though he has a good job, and sometimes he send none.

So I don’t understand why some women are so ungrateful. Miss learn to be grateful is not the gift that matters, but the thought. Last thing if you don’t want the two roses, can I please have them? I will be happy to get them.



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