Dear MUB,

I have a serious problem with my man and I don’t think I am unreasonable in wanting him to stop being so nice. I know I sound a little desperate but I love him and I can’t see myself with anyone else.

He is perfect for me. He has the best smile, he treats me like a queen, his 9-inch dick is the perfect size and shape and he never did anything to disrespect me, but he has one problem, he flirts too much. Some people might call it being too friendly but I say it’s flirting.

MUB, how can you be in a committed relationship and be nice to every woman you meet? I’ve never seen any sexual messages between him and any women, but it’s how he talks to them that bothers me. MUB, first of all, he calls everyone babe and sweetheart which is the same way he refers to me. On top of that, he could just meet a woman, and from the time he finds out that she needs help, he turns into fucking Santa Clause.

This woman just started working with him and she must have gotten some letter saying that she was coming too late to work and that was her final warning. He got wind of what was going on, and he started picking up the woman and taking her to work. MUB, I wouldn’t mind if she lived on the way to work but he lives in Johnson’s and he leaves home early every morning to pick her up in All Saints to come back town side.

MUB, when I talk to him about being too nice he gets upset so I got the woman’s number out of his phone and tried and explain how I felt to her and you know the woman told me how I am selfish and she doesn’t want my man so I shouldn’t have a problem. I told her ok, sorry for calling just do me a favor and not tell him I called. You know she told him and he was upset with me.

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February 21, 2024 4:00 pm

He friendly. Probably got friendly dick too

Molvin James
Molvin James
February 14, 2024 10:22 am

Tarl.something is going on between them.two dey