Dear MUB,

When my parents told us that everyone is not our friends, I should have listened.

The other day I told a girl I considered a close friend something rather sensitive and to my surprise I heard it back from a complete stranger!

Now, I’m not gonna say where I was, but some ladies were beside me talking very loudly, so I listened in a bit and I thought to myself that this story sounded waaay to familiar.

I somehow got close and roped myself into the conversation only to find out that it was my business I was hearing.

Exactly how I told her it was being repeated to me. So now I asked the lady telling the story who she hear this from and not to my surprise is the same person I classified as a close friend.

MUB me wash my hands from this girl. I’m not even gonna be petty and talk her business, I’m just done! She can’t come to me asking no question, want to know nothing!

I’m a bit hurt about it because it was something a bit sensitive and at that time when I told her I was at my lowest point.

Long story short MUB, watch your friends dem cause the same how they smile up in your face, is the same how they’ll stab you in your back.

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