Dear MUB,

This woman played me big time. She scammed me out of $200 but I’ll count it as a loss. Is shit like this why you hear men end up killing women. The thought crossed my mind but I just had to pull it back.

It was basically a sex-for-money kind of vibe because she claimed to say she had a man, but she wanted to borrow money from me. She doesn’t work so I asked her how would she pay me back, and that’s when she said exchange ain’t no robbery. I told her to explain what that mean and she said she will give me a fuck. MUB, that was her idea. All I wanted to know was how she was going to pay me back. She was the one who offered sex.

She invited me by her and when it was time to fuck, I took out my condom and she told me that she was allergic to it. MUB, who the fuck allergic to regular condoms? Plus, why didn’t she tell me that before I came? She knew exactly what she was up to. I’m sure any condom I would have taken out she would have said she was allergic to it.

I had already given her the money because she asked for it before we started. I left to get the condom. I bought one of every band. When I got back, the door was locked. I called, message, bang on her window and she didn’t answer. It was minutes to 8 so there was no way she could have fallen asleep.

I waited outside for a bit. I saw a light switch on so I went to knock on the door again. MUB, you know the woman locked back off the light and didn’t answer me. I called her phone and all of a sudden it went to voicemail. I realized she was on some bullshit so I just left.