Dear MUB,

Last year, I was at my lowest so I had to resort to having sex with this guy for money. It wasn’t something I planned to do, it just happened. I was home hungry and not even noodles I had left. I exhausted the people I could have begged for favors.

A guy I used to work with posted a picture of KFC and I replied to his status saying I could eat some myself right now. He replied, “Hi stranger” and asked me what I wanted. I asked him if he was going to go back to KFC just to buy me something. He said yes but not for free.

I told him I didn’t have any money. He said he doesn’t want my money, all he wants is a picture of my pussy. I told him I don’t take those pictures so I’m sorry. He said he understood and I could just show it to him when he brings the KFC. MUB, my belly was touching my back so I told him ok.

He came and before he gave me the KFC, he told me to show him. I didn’t wear any underwear so I raised my dress and showed him. All of a sudden that wasn’t enough for him, he told me to lean back in the car seat and play with myself for him. I wanted the food so I did it. He told me to close my eyes and moan for him. He took his dick out of his pants and started to stroke it. I got scared but I continued. All of a sudden I felt his finger going inside me so I pushed off his hands and came out of the car.

He told me to wait, said sorry, gave me the KFC, and left. I felt like a whore. He sent me a message apologizing again and asked me how he could make it up to me. I told him he could give me $100 so I could pay the mego man because I didn’t want him to come back for the stove. He said ok, but he can throw on $300 more If I allow him to fuck me.

I told him no. He came the evening to bring the $100. After he gave it to me, he took out $300 more and asked me if I was sure. MUB, I closed my eyes and allow him to fuck me. In about 3 minutes he cum, gave me the money, said thanks, and left.

Two days after he asked me if the money was finished and I told him yes. He asked if I wanted to make some more. He came and we fucked again. This time he cum even quicker and he gave me $200. Long story short, because he cums quickly, I was having sex with him often because it was easy money.

However, I recently got a job and I told him I’m no longer interested in his money. MUB, this man cursed me off because I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. This man showed up at my house today and wanted to offer me $800 to have sex with him. MUB, I was only having sex with him because I wasn’t working. I am not interested in him anymore and I don’t want his money.

He got upset and started cursing me so I told him to get out before I called the police. He threw the money after me and slammed my door on his way out. He has been messaging me every other day asking me if I change my mind.

MUB, I am this close to blocking him but I am afraid if I block him, he will show up at my house again.