Dear MUB,

Honestly, I find this government full of shit. My mother was tested positive for Covid Friday 27’th along with 7-8 of her coworkers.

She’s been having some symptoms like back pain and loss of appetite but she thought the back pain was from the accident she got into in 2019. The same day she found out she was tested positive she called the Covid hotline explaining to them the situation etc and telling them that she has been around my aunt who has 3 kids a 1 year old baby, a 11 year old asthmatic son and a 15 year old daughter, she’s also been in contact with my 2 & 12 year old sister and a few other persons as well.

She’s been calling the hotline to try and speed up the process to get us tested but no one has been in contact with her ever since.
However today my aunt called the hospital to see if she can get the Covid test done up there they told her yes, so we went up there to get tested just to hear that they can’t do it only if you’re traveling or doing a surgery, what bs is that????? Why didn’t you just say so over the phone????? Why do you have to be traveling or doing a surgery to get the test done???

Anyways my aunt called the hotline and explained the whole situation, and the lady told her she can’t do anything about that we have to get it done privately which we don’t mind doing but the money is in our savings account so it’s not like we can send someone on the atm to withdraw the money we have to go in personally to withdraw it because is only our name on the account.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WOMAN TOLD HER TO “MASK UP, WEAR GLOVES AND GO TO THE BANK” ?????? Tell me what good is that going to do???? Her wearing gloves doesn’t mean she’s protecting, anyone but herself.

My aunt and I are showing some symptoms of it and rn I’m just scared for my sisters and cousins. Atm, I’m just fed up and frustrated.