So I have a child father and he has his woman and kids. We does ah bump heads plenty, but let me tell you right the sexual connection on 100. No matter how much me try stop myself from talk to him just the thought and him does get me soak inna mah draws.

So me ready to tek this freaky shit to one next level, and it seems like him want to do da same. He call me the other day asking me for some sex. I tell him yea of course daddy. The man tell me “him nah talk none normal he want freaky sex” so me say “wah kind you looking for?” MUB, the man tell me ” he want me to piss inna him face.” It shock me ra##.

I haven’t done it. It’s riding me to but what me want ah some anal. I use to do it with one of my boyfriends before but that was long time ago and I did love it. I swear it was better than getting penetrated in my kyat. I want feel it with my baby daddy. Him always tell me to get my butt hole ready for him but him John too big.

Last night me did tell myself F it, me ah go tek bud because him freak level just ah rise. Him love to get his ass lick when I sucking on him (my head game deserve an oscar) so me do all that right and me never hear him moan such. Me did in control so I move to da next level and ride with the flow.

I got my anal toys, my handcuffs chokers, blindfold, everything. He was loving it. The man grab me and just flip me over and just start suck on my clit. LAWWWDD it feel good.

Out of no place me feel his finger in my ass. Me tell myself it’s time, be brave, tek it and try nuh fi wake the rest. Who, the man oil me up n push him john In my ass I had to tap out and only the tip went in but he nah want me run.

MUB, the man pull the rope round my neck, arch my back in n cuff my hands behind my back then whisper in my ear I going take master dick tonight. Me ah tell myself the same thing. Him start again it did start to feel good but when he went to go push more In i just couldnt.

Me well good vex with myself in disappointment cuz me want the whole bud in me and I want him sex me like one of them porn stars in the bum. Him did stop n say me weak. Vex me even more cause never in my years of sex me get call weak.

The man tell me him ah go punish me and just that him do and me tek it cuz I did deserve it. Him throat f me so hard but he rass kno my gag reflux on point then him went fi go tighten up the strap round n neck and slap up my face and on to my kyat.

Him f da sh*t out my kyat then it did to sweet him pull out n empty all him babies down my throat and me love it cause it sweet. But mub im not fully satisfied till I tek all him bud.

I will be back when I go for it again. That thought also of him wanting me to p*ss in him face still lingering I should try it?

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December 7, 2023 10:33 am

Give him the GOLDEN SHOWER!