Dear MUB,

Antigua is not a real place. Someone was telling me about a situation that happened with some of their coworkers. The first coworker is a quiet girl that moves like she can’t mash fly. I’ll call her chicken head (CH) for the story. The next is some nigga (some nigga “SN” for short), Some bitch 1 (SB1), and some bitch 2 (SB2).

A night chicken head and some nigga went out bar hopping with some bitches. At some point throughout the night, some bitches found CH and SN fucking in the car. SN has a woman(Some Nigga’s woman”SNW”) tho and some bitch 1 and CH is supposed to be SNW friend. Idk what happened at that moment, but I guess they decided not to talk about it. They all work together tho so idk how tf they thought that was going to work out. Tell me why tf chicken head call SNW Monday morning saying that her man fucked some bitch 2 the Saturday night?

SNW so fucking fooley instead of her calling her man and cutting things off cause this must be knuckle number 100 by now I’m hearing (she know about most if not all a them). This girl called some bitch 2 looking for problems…. Some bitch 2 wasn’t with the fuck tho and cleared that shit up real fast and told SNW that a chicken head fuck she man. Why this fooley girl call some nigga talking bout he have to go take test before she take him back.

Now rumors start spreading about chicken head, who is seemingly existing in her own guilt-free world after fucking her friend’s man cause “it was a mistake”.

Now some nigga crying at work because he can’t deal with the bullying at work apparently. Not his fooley woman and friends making problems with people because he is crying at work.

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November 21, 2022 4:36 pm

Wow really mixed up think with your brain not your penis